One pupil to one teacher. These can be for any one and any ability who wants individual tuition.

As St Peter's school swimming pool is deeper than the pool at Carr School, 1:2:1's at this location are more suitable for intermediate ability and upwards or taller beginners.

As the pupil has the teachers' undivided attention, some pupils benefit and achieve
more in a smaller time frame.

Pupils often concentrate more as they don't have other pupils to
distract them within the lesson and their receiving individual attention.

One to Ones' are also useful if a adult or child is wanting to work on something specific, as
the teacher can plan the session to the specific needs.

1 : 2 : 1 (One pupil to one teacher)

At Carr Junior School

Monday to Saturday
Subject to availablity
ASA Stages 1-6
Adult Learning
1:2:1 Teaching
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