Every night after school for half an hour childrens lessons run between 3:30pm-5:50pm (term time only)

Saturdays Half Hour lessons run from 9am-12pm (term time only)

Intensive holiday courses run from Monday-Friday 9am-12pm, for Half an hour each day

Remember not to eat before a swimming Lesson(s) meals/snack should be approximately 1-2 hours before entering the pool.

In the unfortunate event of a lesson having to be cancelled by the swimming pool operator, a credit note will be issued to the value of the lesson(s), unless an additional class can be added at the end of term.

We reserve the rights to change swimming instructions due to unforeseen circumstances, although every effort will be made to avoid the whenever possible

For Health and Safety reasons parents/guardians are kindly reminded to wait with children while the swimming lessons are in progress. To be seated on the benches provided and not interact with children while in their lesson.

Please keep us up to date with your children's information (i.e. medical conditions, emergency contact details etc) so that we may provide the best service for you.

All children with hair of 2 inches or longer MUST wear a swim cap, this includes boys with surfer hair cuts. These can be purchased from Froggy Legs Swim School or Carr Junior School if necessary from £1.

All children must be clean before entering the pool area and use the foot bath before entering the pool. Those children with Verrucas must wear swim socks.
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