Adult Learning & Fitness Swimming
Our swimming teachers are experienced in teaching adults to swim
and individual and class lessons run throughout the year.

Beginners and Swimming for the terrified!
In this class, you will be taken from being a complete non swimmer through to swimming up to 10 metres on your front and back. You will develop basic stroke technique for breastroke and back crawl, learn shallow water skills, overcome your fears and develop confidence in the water.

Improver - Shallow water
With in this class will continue to develop your swimming, your stroke technique in breaststroke and back crawl. You will become a length swimmer, developing the technique to enable you to swim 50 metres of breaststroke, 25 metres of back crawl and 10 metres of front crawl. You will also learn to tread water and develop some deep water skills.

Improver - Deep water
Continuing your progress the next level is for those confident in swimming lengths on your front and
back in deep water. Now you will develop greater stamina and a more effective stroke technique in breaststroke, back crawl and front crawl with butterfly being introduced. Jumping and diving skills, underwater swimming and sculling will all be included.

Independent Fitness Training and Stroke Technique
These sessions are for swimmers able to complete lengths of front crawl, back crawl and
breaststoke. In the stroke technique session, advanced technique for all the strokes
including butterfly together with competitive starts and turns. In the independent
fitness training session the aim is to gain greater fitness, stamina and speed
through set swim programmes and training.

Tuesday 7:30pm to 8:30pm at St Peters Pool York
Adult lessons are 11 week course, with a week's break for the Feb Half Term = £49.50
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