Once a child reaches the age of four they can join lessons on their own. Confident children at this age should be able to achieve basic stroke co-ordination with the use of swim aids.
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At the next stage, swim aids will be removed in stages. The pupil has to reestablished their balance and co-ordination in the water. This can take time and patience from both child and parents.
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In this stage, swim aids will be removed in stages, until all swim aids
are removed.
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The stamina of the stroke will be worked on when a basic stroke is achieved (without aids!). At the same time a high level of co-ordination is still needed.
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Childrens Lessons
ASA Stages 1-6
Adult Learning
1:2:1 Teaching
Our aim is for your child to be safe in the water, where ever it may be. When your child has achieved Stage 4, s/he will be able to swim under water with confidence, float and swim 25 meters breast stroke (the survival stroke), 25m full back and front crawl.
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